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Week 8 & 9 Getting Feedback

Overview of Week 8 & Week 9

It has been awhile since I last updated the progress on my journal paper. The past few weeks have been hectic indeed but I still managed to finish the first draft of my paper and send it for feedback to a couple of my friends last week. I’m waiting for their verdicts and I’ll probably get them back today. Once I get the feedback, I’ll work on the activities on week 10 and 11, which are Editing Your Sentences and Wrapping Up Your Article. Then finally, I’ll submit the article to the journal!

Looking back the past 10 weeks, I think the Belcher’s book is a wonderful step-by-step guide for novice journal writers. But it did feel a bit too lengthy at times and my writing partner and I modified the latter part quite a bit to fit our schedule. I think it worked wonderfully overall. But now that we have covered nuts and bolts of how journal writing works, we can shorten the projects into about 8 weeks and maybe add 2-3 weeks of writing the initial draft in the beginning since the workbook is designed to work with a paper already written.

I can’t believe only two weeks left until the end of this project! I think I grew so much as an academic for the past 10 weeks and I learned so much about the world of publication, though I’m sure that was really a tip of the iceberg.

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