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Bring yr brain and get weird!

Howdy folks –

So arguably the best thing about Toronto is that, each November, it hosts a speculative philosophy (via a sound studies framework) conference called Tuning Speculation. Admittedly, that sounds incredibly un-fun in those terms, but it's the most glorious confluence of fiendishly iconoclastic thinkers I've ever encountered. This year's CFP is up, and I thought that perhaps you would be able to bring something special to the table. Though the conference is billed as speculative philosophy via sound studies, the net it casts is actually broad to the point of absurdity: black magick, consumer habits, Christian mysticism, electronic voice phenomenon, Nietzsche's skills as a pianist... it's an absolute hoot. Last year, I presented a materialist critique of cultural consumption as a substitute for politics, disguised as detective fiction.

I recommend swimming through this (incomplete) collection of past presentations to get a better feel for what to expect. Of course, no pressure – but another familiar face would be a most welcome addition to the proceedings!


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