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How to woo French teachers to stay in Canada's schools

I was recently invited to write a piece for the inaugural launch of the Conversation Canada. If you're not familiar, it's a research news website that makes recent findings accessible to the broader public. It was a wonderful experience writing in this fashion, a nice change from academic writing. The turn-around for publication was incredibly fast - this was published within 3 weeks. I recommend trying it out for anyone who wants to disseminate their research to a global audience and go through the exercise of developing their "elevator pitch" (explain your research coherently in 3 minutes or less).

My experience with SSHRC Storytellers was a major asset in putting together this piece. All the information shared about using accessible language and imagery that connects with the reader was put to good use.

If you'd like to take a read, the article is here. L'article est aussi disposable en français ici.

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