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GSRC2017 Call for contributors

Dear Participants in the 17th OISE Graduate Student Conference,

We invite those who are interested in an online publication of their research to drop us a Note of Intent to Publish. We open up 3 venues:

  1. Volume 1 – papers, up to 3,000 words

  2. Volume 2 – PowerPoint presentations, up to 20 slides (interactivity TBD)

  3. Volume 3 – posters (PDF, png, and jpg file format)

Length is negotiable.

Authors are welcome to switch between media. For example, a poster can be submitted as a paper in Volume 1, and either of these formats can be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation in Volume 3.

Reviewing will take place in 2 parallel formats:

  1. Reciprocal Open Feedback – Those submitting authors who are interested in adding to their CVs an entry Reviewer for the Proceedings of the 17th OISE Graduate Student Conference, are invited to act as feedback-ers for their fellow submitting authors (we’ll need around 10 keywords describing the areas they consider themselves best versed in)

  2. Disciplinary-Peer Open Feedback – students advanced in their program, post-doc fellows, and faculty will be invited to help shape up your submissions to your best advantage as scholars-in-the-making

The Timeline of the Proceedings preparation will depend on the number of submissions and the number/availability of people who join the Editorial Team.

Please send your Note of Intent to Publish to including:

  1. Working Title (you can vary the title from the one announced in the Program)

  2. Author(s) and around 100 word bio blurbs

  3. The Volume you are interested in joining

  4. Statement that your submission will not appear in identical form in another print or online publication, not counting personal webspaces such as websites and blogs. Should you choose to publish in personal spaces, you’d be invited to acknowledge Official Publication in the Proceedings of the 17th OISE Graduate Student Conference

To help meet the targeted publication date in August or September 2017, please email your Intent Note by Friday, April 14.

We look forward to hearing from you all!

Please also note that if the author’s language of preference is French, contributions in French are welcome! Bilingual publication in languages in addition to French and English should include English or French parallel text


The Editors


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