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A Friendly Pair of Eyes.


Let's face it, we improve our writing a lot from interaction with others' thoughts and comments. Sometimes, all we need is a Friendly Pair of Eyes to take a look at our paper.


This initiative is a great oportunity to build community among Caesura readers and writers. You can connect with others' ideas and develop a trusting network of peers who are genuinely interested in your work and pushing you to challenge your ideas and your ways of expressing them. 


We are looking for volunteers to sign up to a Friendly Pair of Eyes. If you do, you will be sent pieces from our contributors and required to send them some feedback on their work (either based on what they ask, or general feedback) within a week. If it so happens that life is too busy that week, simply pass on the reading and the piece can be sent to another Friendly Pair of Eyes


Sign up below!

Sign up as a Friendly Pair of Eyes

Congrats! You’re become a Friendly Pair of Eyes for Caesura Collective

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