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Submission guidelines for Caesura Collective.


Whether you choose to submit a passion piece you wrote after a particularly inspiring discussion or reading, or start a project that was sparked by a need perceived among you and your peers, Caesura is an outlet for your creative expressions. Make it what you want it to be insofar as it can help motivate, challenge, or simply accompany you on your learning journey. 


Submissions can come in any form: written, audio, visual, etc. Be creative, if it speaks to you, it will probably speak to others! Channel your ideas and rethink how to express them into pieces you can share on Caesura Collective to connect with other creative and curious individuals. 


We have two editors managing the site at the moment, but the projects are all managed by YOU our site readers and contributors. Anything you would like to see on here, send us a suggestion email. We'd be happy to put you in touch with A Friendly Pair of Eyes who might be interested in your thoughts!


Trust and collaboration are key in co-constructed learning, therefore we strongly encourage you to have your submissions read by two or three peers who can give you constructive, critical feedback. It promotes social interaction, it combats isolation and stimulates discussion even before anything hits these pages - which is what Caesura is all about!


The editors will only review your submissions very summarily, focusing on minor edits. Caesura is about expressing yourself how you see fit, so we only try to promote your vision for what you want to express. There are no stylistic guidelines. No word limits.


Caesura can be a great sounding board for ideas, a way to create bonds with potential future collaborators and for those who contribute regularly, a great exercise in developing your writing proactice and finding your own voice in the field.  


Submit your pieces to the editors at caesuracollective @ 

Please indicate which column you woud like to post in (or create your own).

Please indicate whether you are interested in getting feedback from A Friendly Pair of Eyes before posting, and if so, feel free to specify what kind of feedback.




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