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February RAD book club

Our next RAD book club is Thursday February 23 from 12-2PM at OISE on the 10th floor at the red couches (south side of the building).

What are you reading this month?

You can interact with other RAD book club members on our Facebook page or tweet at us @caesuratweets. #RADbookclub

Share with us what you're reading, or any resources that you think might be relevant to what others are reading.

In the meeting, our members share lots of interdisciplinary information and resources, and we hope to continue and extend that into the social media sphere. As well, we'd like to make these links available online as way of keeping the information for future reference later and helping those of us who'd like to review them and/or refresh our memories about the meeting discussions.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next #RADbookclub meeting

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