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Some RAD suggestions for January 2017

Some #RADbookclub suggestions from our members. This is just the beginning of the conversation... Be sure to share your thoughts on our Facebook and/or Twitter pages!

In the last chapters of that book he talks about the golden age of Holland and the fact that everyone was a painter and the reasons why.

You may find similar explanations why most speakers of MENA languages in the Middle East became poets in a specific period! Especially after the domination of the Sufism in the Middle East.

The very first chapters about the Ancient Greek philosophy; Durant explains why philosophy was so popular in that society.

Indigenous critiques of colonialism.

I'd wanted to read her (2008) "the uses of literature" but then she went and published a new one ;)

I've been wanting to read other works by Hall but this seems like a good compilation.

eds. Campbell and Sitze, 2013 - but a bunch of big names connected to the essays it contains.

As for what to read next, in the wake of the American election, Seth Kim-Cohen compiled a series of essay excerpts called The Emergecy Reader, available as a free download on his website. It's a huge amount of material, from Bataille and Arendt to Jameson and Mouffe, but it's all very salient given what's happening in the world today. I suggest everyone go download it, browse the contents, and report back with any selections they're particularly drawn towards.

About what video games have to teach us about language and learning.

I'm particularly interested in reading up on Critical Discourse analysis. I would like to engage with Fairclough and Kodak soon as well. Gee is just so accessible to read!

This is an intersection between my area of research and SCT. So I'm very keen to read it. And I hope to read some Vygotsky and Werstch (Mind in Action) next if anyone wants to join me. OISE has The Collected Works of L.S. Vygotsky and some are available to read at the link.

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