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Podcast musings... Intersectionality & Identity

This month's podcasts are all about intersectionality and identity: exploring the roles we play on developing our sensibilities in each other and what reflection on our stories says about ourselves.

First up, Stuff Mom Never Told You puts together a wonderful episode on Pauli Murray, the intersectional feminist trailblazer! who never stops navigating and re-negotiating her multiple identities.

I was very inspired by the Death, Sex and Money podcast, Lucinda Williams says whatever the hell she wants. Not only dies Lucinda have a very refreshing take on life, but the way that Ana Sale conducts her interviews is fascinating! It might be worth going through the interview questions a prompts for yourself as a researcher if you want to figure out where you are coming from - where your life path intersects with your research.

This beautiful The MOTH podcast made me reflect on how the experiences in our lives shape who we become. 3 stories about overcoming hardship, slut shaming and exchanging roles with parents. March 1 2016 episode in iTunes The MOTH podcast playlist.

Hidden Brain podcast on group mentality and the radicalization of youth. Shankar reports on research on captured isis soldiers identities and their link to group. We begin to see how the power of group on the individual and the indissociability of individuals to the group and their beliefs.

Slate's Audio Book Club reviewed Roxanne Gay's book Bad Feminist published back in 2014. The review is an excellent overview of the book which is an exploration into the complexity of what it means to be a feminist and all the crossings of that with race, gender, body, politics, pop culture and more in a collection of thought-provoking essays.

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