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RAD Book Club Bauman (2013) Liquid modernity

Our book for April 2016 is Liquid Modernity by Bauman, Z. (2013) in which we will explore critical social theory, neoliberalism and postmodernity.

Here is a an overview of Zygmunt Bauman's work over at Social Theory. On the man himself they write:

"While Bauman was never affiliated with the Frankfurt School, he is still considered one of the leading intellectuals in the tradition of Critical Theory (he was even awarded the Theodor Adorno Award by the city of Frankfurt in 1998). Bauman’s wide-ranging work touches on both classical sociological themes like rationalization and modernity and extends social theory to address the most contemporary of social issues. In doing so, he confronts us with both the problems and possibilities of living in what many believe to be a new stage of social life. Bauman is required reading not only for those interested in cutting-edge social theory, but for anyone concerned with how contemporary society affects our abilities to be ethical and to live deeply meaningful lives." (Link here)

You can find the book on the UofT catalogue or buy it from Amazon.

Join us in room 10-200 from 1-3PM at OISE to share your thoughts on the book.

Learn more about RAD Book CLUb here​!

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