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RAD Book Club Van Manen, (2014). Phenomenology of practice: Meaning-giving methods in phenomenologic

Our book for February 2016 goes into Phenomenology: Van Manen, M. (2014). Phenomenology of practice: Meaning-giving methods in phenomenological research and writing (Vol. 13).

Here is a great review by Peter Willis on Van Manen's recent book published in Phenomenology & Practice (open access journal).

"Phenomenology of practice is formative of sensitive practice, issuing from the pathic power of phenomenological reflections. Pathic knowing inheres in the sense and sensuality of our practical actions, in encounters with others and in the ways that our bodies are responsive to the things of our world and to the situations and relations in which we find ourselves. Phenomenology of practice is an ethical corrective of the technological and calculative modalities of contemporary life. It finds its source and impetus in practical phenomenologies of reading and writing that open up possibilities for creating formative relations between being and acting, self and other, interiorities and exteriorities, between who we are and how we act." (Van Manen, 2007, p.11)

You can find the book on the UofT catalogue or buy it from Amazon.

Join us at the RED COUCHES section on the south side of the building on the 10th floor of OISE on Feb 22 from 1-3PM to share your thoughts on the book.

Learn more about RAD Book CLUb here​!

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