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Queer Space Chat for CTEP, MT, grad students and other LGBTI2SQ educators

Hi Caesura members! We've got a great event oragnised by Benjamin Lee HIcks coming up. Here is the information below:

Hello everyone,

I am organizing the Queer Space Chat for CTEP, MT, grad students and other LGBTI2SQ educators at OISE/UT this year and would much appreciate your help in spreading the word to interested students and faculty.

I have attached a poster advertising our projected dates/times for the year as well as my contact information for RSVP so that I can begin to build a contact list for participants.

The orientation is next Thursday, and our first meeting is 2 weeks after that, so your assistance in getting this information out to students and colleagues as soon as possible would be of great value.

Thanks very much!

Benjamin Lee Hicks


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